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Storeplex is the world’s first fully functioning ecommerce marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products and services on the blockchain. The marketplace is seeking to spark a revolution within ecommerce by combining one of the most profitable industries with
blockchain technology.

By using the Ethereum blockchain, Storeplex is able to achieve a decentralised marketplace while utilising all of the advantages that come with blockchain technology. The use of smart contracts provides our users with a secure and user-friendly approach to cryptocurrency ecommerce.

A project of this size and ambition requires funding to continuously improve, evolve and innovate as the leading decentralised marketplace. This is why we are crowdfunding via an initial coin offering of our PLEX token. We believe that this method of funding is the most beneficial to our project and to our users as it allows the community to actively participate in the development of the marketplace. And in return, participants of the initial coin offering will receive PLEX tokens at a heavily discounted rate. This provides a great opportunity to increase initial investment while supporting a revolutionary project.

Our objective is to combine ecommerce and blockchain technology to create a global marketplace, while solving numerous problems that are present with centralised marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon.

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