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RADION is the very first radio WEB based system that works as an Independent Record Label and Network Distribution. Our system would change the grasp of the music industry by conducting talent scouting, nurture upcoming artists to help them navigate their way through the field and encourage the participation of established artist into our crypto space!

Musicians, DJs and Radio Host will be able to profit their input directly from our online streaming! Music, DJ mixed, and Talk Shows will be arbitrated in a dynamic marketplace by (membership unit holders). Artists will no longer need to worry about branding, distribution, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings. The system will be powered with a Proof of Stake (PoS) type algorithm to achieve distributed consensus, in addition, we included the Proof of Asset Protocol (PoA) to protect and manage cover song lyrics submitted by musicians or songwriters. Our system will operate as an Internet radio! Its programming and “broadcasting” will be populated by a peer to peer network audience.

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