Why should I invest in cryptocurrency?

Asked on July 27, 2018 in Altcoin.
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Encrypted currencies, especially the fluctuations in bitcoin prices, have become the headlines of the present, so we have already had a lot of discussion about whether cryptocurrencies should be invested in 2018.


1. Encrypted currency regulations are improving

It can be said that the greatest benefit of the unprecedented fluctuations in the history of cryptocurrencies is the introduction of better cryptocurrency regulation, and these regulations are now beginning to take shape. In the Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2018, we can know that the cryptocurrency regulation has an important role to play with it. Due to the development of these rules, the uncertainty of the cryptocurrency price will be greatly reduced. This is important for driving cryptocurrency transactions and for rising cryptocurrency prices. Appropriate regulation will help solve another obstacle that hinders the development of cryptocurrencies, which is cryptographic fraud. Therefore, these regulations will help to dispel the concerns of new visitors and lay a solid foundation for future investment growth.

2. Simple investment in cryptocurrency

Judging from my own experience of investing in the currency circle, investing in the currency circle a few years ago may be a relatively high threshold. I was fortunate to have the help of an experienced friend who made my first xenon token exchange rate investment. However, the times have changed, and there is now too much information for investors to quickly enter the currency circle investment, without too many previous entry barriers. There are too many media and institutions doing this one.

3. Many investment projects

Bitcoin has been a leader in the dominance of the cryptocurrency market, and it is currently the most recognized cryptocurrency, but this does not mean that this is currently the most worthwhile or unique encryption investment opportunity. From the analysis of the citicoins website, we can say that the opportunity to get a lot of money from Bitcoin has basically passed, and those who invested in unknown coins many years ago have already achieved very good returns. Therefore, investors seeking these big returns must now invest in other new projects. Both Ethereum and Litecoin have outstanding performance in 2017, which has expanded their user base.

4. The future of cryptocurrencies is bright

As with any investment, you need to always focus on long-term investments. If you are obsessed with short-term micro-analysis, every change in price will make you worry that you made the wrong investment decision. This can cause you to panic sell at a price lower than the purchase price, but in fact, it is a more sensible decision to continue until the price is higher before the price is restored. The encryption market is unstable and price volatility will continue to occur. You should always pay attention to medium and long-term investments.

So, I chose to invest in cryptocurrency.

Answered on July 27, 2018.
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