Which exchanges support the ethereum to usd exchange?

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Ethereum is an open source smart contract function announcement blockchain platform. A peer-to-peer contract is handled by its decentralized virtual machine with its dedicated cryptocurrency Ethereum.


Many people know that CEX.IO is a platform for buying and selling Bitcoin and various legal currencies. Just recently, CEX.IO announced that the platform began to support the exchange of ethereum to usd exchange transactions. Currently, platform users can use Bitcoin and US dollars to trade Ethereum.


For Ethereum, there is an exciting opportunity. CEX.IC has become another cryptocurrency platform that supports Ethereum transactions. Bitfinex added Ethereum a few weeks ago, and the Korean and Japanese exchanges began to support Ethereum. In the current cryptocurrency market, for the trend and demand of more traders, Ethereum’s addition of Bitcoin trading and Ethereum to US dollar trading is a wise decision for CEX.IO.


The biggest interest in the Ethereum ecosystem comes from the developers who explore blockchain technology and smart contracts. The Ethereum ecosystem is suitable for the development community. CEX.IO believes that adding Ethereum trading is a good decision to enable everyone to purchase Ethereum through their convenient payment methods.


In the GDAX cryptocurrency exchange, the price of Ethereum fell from $319 to 10 cents in a matter of seconds, causing this crash to occur because of a multi-million dollar short-selling deal. It then rebounded from a low of 10 cents and recovered to $325 on the GDAX exchange. According to the industry price tracking website coticoins data, taking into account the price of several other exchanges, Ethereum’s average transaction price is above 338 US dollars.


In terms of the number of users of the current Ethereum exchanges, this has exceeded one million. These exchanges have already transformed from the original cloud mining business model, as it is more powerful for these companies as an exchange. There are still many exchanges that can ethereum to usd conversion, but their services are already open to 95% of the world.

Answered on July 16, 2018.
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