What is funfair?


FunFair makes it easier for casino owners and players to use online casinos. Through blockchain technology, the platform allows anyone to run a casino no matter where they are or who they are. The platform also offers unparalleled transparency and player protection, and it should be open to games all over the world. The platform behind FunFair allows casino operators, affiliates, game developers and gamers to interact in a way that is beneficial to everyone while providing entertainment and efficiency.

FunFair Technologies was formally established in 2017 by British investor and technology entrepreneur Jez San and has achieved a remarkable record of success. Jez won the OBE for the services of the computer game industry and designed 3D chips for the SNES game console to power the StarFox game.  He founded 3D online poker room PKR and microprocessor developer Arc International. Since the beginning of 2013, San and other founders Oliver Hopton and Jeremy Longley have been working to make full use of the potential of the blockchain.

The FunFair platform uses Ethereum blockchains and protocols to make it easier to create casinos and run them in a more affordable way. With this technology, they can also play games more fairly and quickly, and reach global players in a way where other platforms are impossible to realize.

Asked on July 5, 2018 in Altcoin.
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