What could be the top ten cryptocurrencies in 2019?

Asked on July 25, 2018 in Altcoin.
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We have always believed that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will dominate and change the future world we know. In 2019, we tried to look at which projects might become the top ten cryptocurrencies in the market.


One of the most interesting issues in the field of cryptocurrencies is that some cryptocurrencies will be maintained for a long period of time and will meet the actual needs beyond cryptocurrency transactions in the future. For example, the holo coin exchange rate, in addition, we assume that cryptocurrency can only succeed if it has practical applications or can solve business and study practical problems in other fields.

When we assume that it is already an existing project and has reached a certain level of development, at least one Mainnet can be offered, or Mainnet Lauch will be launched in the next few months. The analysis is still based on recent experience that it takes a long time to develop an effective cryptocurrency. However, the list presented here does not constitute investment advice, but only forms the basis of the discussion. We know that not everyone will agree with me.

From my analysis of cryptocurrency, some controversial views are self-evident in this respect. But the technology is still not very mature. Let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency that is most likely to rank in the top ten in the next 2019.

1. Ethereum

Ethereum is our first choice. We believe that Ethereum will be the world’s leading platform for developing distributed enterprise applications on the blockchain.


In the future, when the refrigerator is empty, the refrigerator will automatically order food, and the car will automatically book and pay for the parking lot. IOTA will be the backbone of Internet transactions and enable machine-to-machine payments.

3. Ripple

Ripple is a controversial project in the cryptocurrency community because it is close to banking systems and network decentralization issues, and Ripple’s CEO said that by 2019, the number of banks using Ripple technology will increase dramatically.


Comparing EOS and Ethereum, it is obvious that the two platforms pursue similar goals. Like Ethereum, EOS is also designed to create blockchain-based platforms for developing commercial decentralized applications.

5. Bitcoin

We believe that bitcoin will lose market dominance until 2019 and may also be his first status and function as a reserve currency. From the perspective of bitcoin gold price in dollars, the advantage of Bitcoin in terms of total market capitalization has risen from 95% to 85%, and temporarily fell to 32% in January 2018.


Cardano is a very ambitious project, not driven by hype and expectations, but more through amazing growth.


In addition to technical reasons, the relationship between NEO and Onchain and the Chinese government plays an important role especially in the layout of NEO.


Vechain manufacturers, suppliers and customers are able to capture, manage and share all information about products throughout the lifecycle of supply chain management.


Based on Ethereum, OmiseGO hopes to create a decentralized payment network or decentralized exchange, all cryptocurrencies can be traded and exchanged.


From our perspective, Monero is in the top 10 in 2019, as Monero will always behave as a specific anonymous transaction, and this demand will increase in the near future.

Answered on July 25, 2018.
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