Should I invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum? why?

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BKCM founder and CEO Brian Kelly said: Since December last year, Bitcoin has been falling, from the highest point of $19,500 to $6,400, and Ethereum may be a better investment.

The cryptocurrency industry is still a relatively new industry. Although many people are staring at Bitcoin, investors can consider other Altcoins. You now own Bitcoin, but that doesn’t mean that you have so much value in many years, and Bitcoin is not necessarily the leader in cryptocurrency. In fact, Ethereum is likely to become a very important project. Kelly said: It is more valuable to invest in Ethereum and the trading situation is better than Bitcoin. In this regard, I will support Ethereum.

In fact, is Ethereum really better than Bitcoin? Let us look at the difference between them.

1. safety

Technically speaking, Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on decentralized blockchain technology, but there are still many differences in the deep technical field. Among them, for the specific performance of decentralization, Bitcoin is mainly divided into three parts: complete node decentralization, computational decentralization and development decentralization. In contrast, the development process of Ethereum is centralized, although it can greatly improve efficiency, but it also makes it impossible to guarantee the security of its rules and is vulnerable to attack. Bitcoin is more stable, which also lays an important foundation for its steady development and determines the security of investment.

2. Potential comparison

Bitcoin has long been regarded as a regular currency alternative to gold, often used as a medium for payment transactions and as a means of value storage. The purpose of Ethereum was to create an application development platform based on smart contracts and decentralization technology, enabling developers to build and run distributed applications. Today, Ethereum has become the world’s largest distributed application software development platform, designing a wide range of potential application areas, attracting giants from multiple industries to participate in cooperation, such as Microsoft, Samsung, IBM and other technology companies have adopted Ethereum technology Conduct research and development of blockchain projects.

3. Difficulty in mining

Bitcoin and Ethereum are both produced through mining procedures. By competing for a question, whoever calculates the answer first gets the currency of the system reward. The difference between the two is that the calculation problem is different. Bitcoin is a question in ten minutes, while Ethereum is a question in 12 seconds.

From their comparison, we can observe that in terms of security, it is clear that Bitcoin is stronger than Ethereum, but in terms of potential and difficulty in mining, Ethereum has an advantage. So, if you choose one of them to invest, I will choose Ethereum.

Answered on July 6, 2018.
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