How about trade bitcoin cash for btc?

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Matuszewski said: Bitcoin cash liquidity and fast trading, we are shocked. Bitcoin cash has emerged out of thin air, but it has become one of our biggest trading products.


When trade bitcoin cash for btc, the amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that came out of the bitcoin blockchain earlier today was staggering. It is reported that the topic of this group discussion, how to make the cryptocurrency industry mainstream, it focuses on the challenges and thinking of industry companies. This includes assessing the legal status of a particular token.


For research purposes, Chaunalysis classifies the total supply of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash as “monetary aggregate” or a measure of an economy’s money supply based on liquidity, including four categories, including speculative currency, services. Transaction currency, investment currency as well as currency and unexploited currency.


Researchers further studied bitcoin cash by using their money supply in the above-mentioned currency amounts, and found that only 1.5 million BCH coins were used for speculative trading, with the remaining long-term investments. Coinalysis concluded that although the bitcoin between trading and investment is almost one to one, bitcoin cash is 1:10. Put another way, 90% of all Bitcoin cash is rarely used for trading.


As the former chief developer of Bitcoin, Gavin has now turned to support Bitcoin cash. In his recent tweet, Gavin commented that Bitcoin cash was the successor to his early bitcoin project. Gavin’s tweet also points to core, which emphasizes that high transaction fees are threatening Core’s frictionless decentralized mission. For many people, Bitcoin will become a speculative asset if it does not reduce access barriers for transactions. Before the tweet was released, many companies announced that they would support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin (BTC) to reduce consumer spending.


Recently, bitcoin cash prices have soared, hitting a record high of $2,150. The price of bitcoin has fallen sharply, and prices between the two are constantly changing.

Answered on July 19, 2018.
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