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Asked on July 17, 2018 in Altcoin.
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From the Ethereum to usd price history, the first three months of 2018 are also a nightmare —— ETH prices have fallen by 47.5%. What caused this to cause it to plummet? Below, we will get more real-time investment information, Ethereum market trend analysis.


From the analysis of the cryptocurrency website citicoins, if the historical data of the decline is taken, the Ethereum in the fourth quarter of 2016 also suffered a huge decline, with a drop of 39.7%. However, the price at that time fell from $13.2 to $7.97, as the overall price was not at a high level because it did not cause too much turmoil in the market.


Although the price of the Ethereum has reached a record high, it is a hidden crisis. At the beginning of the new year, the price of the Ethereum does not seem to be as lucky as its partner Bitcoin. On January 13, the price of Ethereum reached $1,432, a record high. However, due to the panic in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, the price of the Ethereum fell to the $1,000 mark in the second half of January. On January 31, the price of Ethereum closed at $1,118, an increase of 47%.


As an investment product, the rise in the price of Ethereum is certainly gratifying, but at the same time, the cost of performing operations at Ethereum has increased. The “gasoline” used for network operation determines the amount of the fee. According to the current fluctuation of gasoline price, the impact is not large. It is not the best to adjust the gasoline limit. Projects currently working on related issues have not yet been completed, so the impact of rising Ethereum prices on smart contracts is uncertain.


In addition to developing software for Ethereum, the ability to release new cryptocurrencies and blockchains requires a tremendous amount of ongoing work to integrate the resources needed to get them up and running. In order to launch a huge network of developers, absenteeism, investors and other stakeholders, Ethereum announced its base currency unit. The legal and financial complexity brought about by the management of pre-sale funds also makes the establishment of relevant legal entities inevitable. In June 2014, the Ethereum Foundation was established in Zug, Switzerland.


In early July 2014, Ethereum began a 42-day ETC open sale for its initial distribution; from the 1 ethereum to usd chart on the Internet, valued at $18,439,086, was converted into 60,102,216 Ethereum. The sales fund was used to repay the legal liabilities, to compensate the developers for the work they had done in the past few months, and to support the assets developed by Ethereum in the future.

Answered on July 17, 2018.
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