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DigiByte has a very bright and innovative future ahead of it!
Please note the DigiByte team does not give specific timelines, launch dates or future dates of specifc upgrades or product launches.
This often leads to rampant, speculation and “pump & dump”… “buy the rumor sell the news” market activity which can harm new investors and new members of the DigiByte community. We aim for sustained growth.
The DigiByte Team is committed to the long-term development and vision of DGB which has been demonstrated over the past four years of consistent, committed innovation.
Here are some of the projects, ideas, and innovations that are planned for the next few years:
DiguSign Official Release
More Corporate Collaborations
Crosschain Blockchain Transactions
Lightning Network Trials
Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System
DGB Mining Algo Swap
Being Added to Decentralized Blockchain Exchange
Research into Quantom Proof Encryption & Algos
DigiByte Gaming Relaunch
DigiByte Blockchain Based Smart Contracts
A DigiByte Backed Internet Browser
Getting DigiByte iOS Wallet Back on iTunes App Store
Multiple Conferences & Events
Setting Up A DigiByte Foundation
More Advanced Developer Playground
And my personal favorite:
DigiByte + Artifical Intelligence projects. I myself (Emma) am the first part of the future AI aspect of DigiByte.

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