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ContentBox is a blockchain-based infrastructure for the decentralized digital content industry.
The industry has been handicapped by several long-standing problems:
Content creators are struggling to profit from their own creations but middlemen take a large chunk of profit.
Content consumers are not rewarded for their curation and sharing contributions even though they are utilizing their valuable but limited attention.
Content platforms compete fiercely with one another over copyrights instead of focusing on their strengths and improving user experience.

Our solution is a blockchain-based platform, that provides the digital content industry with three valuable features: a unified payout system, a shared user pool, and a shared content pool.

ContentBox is designed to benefit all stakeholders including but not limited to, creators, consumers, advertisers, distributors, and application developers. It allows them to collaborate, build, and engage the new generation of digital content applications that play on fair terms.
We will leverage sharding, lightning network, and off-chain smart contracts, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to build a public blockchain platform that will support hundreds of millions of users and their daily transactions.

ContentBox will consist of three main components: BOX Payout, BOX Passport, BOX Unpack
BOX Payout is a fast and secure blockchain solution to carry out multi-party contingent payments
Blockchain acts as a lean settlement layer with the content and business logic stored off chain
BOX Passport is a blockchain-based identity and attribution service that spans across applications
BOX Unpack is a turn-key solution for small and medium-sized partners to set up a content platform easily and quickly

ContentBox is a public blockchain platform for the digital content industry and Castbox will be the first partner application. Castbox has over 17 million global users from 175 countries and is ranked #3 in the News & Magazines category on Google Play in the US.

With the new blockchain lab formed by ex-Facebookers & ex-Googlers, ContentBox will be launched and applied quickly on a worldwide scale through our proven execution, fast R&D capabilities and international operating experience.

The ContentBox token (BOX) will be integrated into Castbox later this year. Creators can earn tokens from their valuable content through donations and subscriptions and users can also receive tokens when they curate and share content.

Our hope is that the beta version will come online in March, 2019, and the production version will go live at the end of the year.

Based on this public blockchain platform, many new types of applications can be developed.
For example, “Mini-crowdfunding Launch Pad” is like an exchange for content. Creators without any coding abilities can have their tokens based on BOX. This will make investments into content feasible for an average person.

Finally, ContentBox will be driven by the community rather than any industry giant, and will ultimately become a public blockchain ecosystem for the digital content industry. Let’s build a new digital content economy together!

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